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Be Victors Not Victims

Be Victors Not Victims   I am reminded today that we are not victims, but victors in Christ. This seems like such a simple exchange, but I am aware that we live [...]

What’s the purpose? 

What’s the purpose?    We often ask this question after encountering difficult times, while wondering if there is a lesson to learn, or some other reason for the suffering. All [...]

Not alone in the fire 

Not alone in the fire    There are times when we feel alone in the decisions we have to make. We may even fear we would be abandoned by everyone if we [...]

One and the same

One and the same    Exploring faith and learning more about God, seems to come with opposition these days. When we read the bible, it’s possible to imagine things were [...]

Empowered, not excluded!

Empowered, not excluded!    We all have times in our life, when we feel powerless to change and our own ability to organise and fix things gets us nowhere. It’s in these [...]

Don’t give up, look up!

Don’t Give Up, Look Up!  Have you ever felt like an impossible brick wall has suddenly appeared in the middle of  the road on which you are travelling?    At these times, we are faced with two main options. We [...]

By the many or the few

By the many or the few We have a very great promise, that our God brings victory and saves, by the many or the few. Not because of our strength, [...]

Don’t fear the storms, trust the deliverer.

Don’t fear the storms, trust the deliverer. We all face storms in life, which come in many forms, physical illness, financial challenges, emotional issues or relationship breakdown etc. You may [...]

He made the stars also

“He made the stars also”. This very small statement was made to describe one of God’s activities on day 4 of creation. In many ways, the smallness of this statement shows [...]

Union & Communion

Union & Communion Our feelings of connection stem from the quality of our relationships with others. This is no less true for believers in Christ. I have many conversations with [...]