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Don’t give up, look up!

Don’t Give Up, Look Up!  Have you ever felt like an impossible brick wall has suddenly appeared in the middle of  the road on which you are travelling?    At these times, we are faced with two main options. We [...]

The gift of time

The gift of time The world in which we live can seem so very busy and time has become a precious commodity. It often appears that there is not enough [...]

Are we living a surrendered life?

Are we living a surrendered life? To surrender is normally associated with giving up the fight and allowing the opponent to take the victory. It also suggests there may have [...]

Avoiding temptation

Avoiding temptation We often feel that despite our best efforts, an outside force is compelling us to do the wrong thing. Jesus instruct us to pray that God leads us [...]

A heart of forgiveness

A heart of forgiveness Truly forgiving those who do us harm is one of the most challenging things. But holding onto hurt and having an unforgiving heart can often do [...]

Lift up and exalt His name

Lift up and exalt His name For many people, the love and security of family is highly treasured and sometimes sadly missed. But all those in Christ can know the [...]

Stay Committed  

Stay Committed     Throughout the sermon on the mount, Jesus gives a clear message on how we are to live as genuine, authentic Christians. This is Christ teaching us how we are expected [...]

‘To err is human to forgive is divine.’  

‘To err is human to forgive is divine.’     This old saying comes from “An Essay on Criticism” by Alexander Pope. It points out that making mistakes and living in error is [...]

Inside and Out

Inside and out      It is so easy to miss some of the perfection and detail connected with the cross when faced with the onslaught of emotion and horror [...]

Christ Jesus our chief cornerstone

Christ Jesus our chief cornerstone    “My hope is built on nothing less  Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.  I dare not trust the sweetest frame  But wholly trust in Jesus’ Name”    These are the [...]