Prayer Guide

Thank Jesus for His peace that isn’t a normal peace but is a gift from Him
Ask God to give you an understanding that Jesus walks on the problems that trouble you and has power over them, just like the storm. This understanding is the foundational point of the peace you will receive.
Pray for your family, friends, community and the nation at this time of challenge that they would know super-natural peace
Ask God for wisdom to make the best decision. Then if necessary do what He says. He sees the whole picture and has your best interests at heart.

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These are times when we need to help each other in any way possible. We believe one of the most effective ways to help is to pray for people, and to pray specifically for their situation, worries or needs.

We fully believe God is a help and comfort in times of trouble, and that He hears and answers prayer.

We invite you to put your prayer requests here. These are prayed for every day by those with a faith in Jesus Christ who contribute to this website’s content.

You are extremely valuable, and your life and cares matter to God and to us.