What’s the purpose? 

What’s the purpose?    We often ask this question after encountering difficult times, while wondering if there is a lesson to learn, or some other reason for the suffering. All [...]

Not alone in the fire 

Not alone in the fire    There are times when we feel alone in the decisions we have to make. We may even fear we would be abandoned by everyone if we [...]

One and the same

One and the same    Exploring faith and learning more about God, seems to come with opposition these days. When we read the bible, it’s possible to imagine things were [...]

The call to consistency. 

The call to consistency.  It is important that we are consistent in our walk with God. Consistency can lead to the breakthrough you are looking for. All too often people give [...]

God restores us

God restores us Have you ever felt like you’ve messed up so badly that there is no chance of return? Major life decisions are often made in those difficult times. [...]

Need a second chance? 

Need a second chance?  The book of Jonah begins with him getting a direct command from God, to go and speak against the wicked ways of the people of Nineveh. [...]

New life

New life Everyone loves having new things and the miracle of new life is always exciting to us. New life in Christ is always miraculous. Therefore, if anyone is in [...]

Are we living a surrendered life?

Are we living a surrendered life? To surrender is normally associated with giving up the fight and allowing the opponent to take the victory. It also suggests there may have [...]

Avoiding temptation

Avoiding temptation We often feel that despite our best efforts, an outside force is compelling us to do the wrong thing. Jesus instruct us to pray that God leads us [...]

The path less well travelled. 

The path less well travelled. We are all given the same two choices in life, there are two gates through which we could enter. The wide gate which has a [...]