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Empowered, not excluded!

Empowered, not excluded!    We all have times in our life, when we feel powerless to change and our own ability to organise and fix things gets us nowhere. It’s in these [...]

Don’t give up, look up!

Don’t Give Up, Look Up!  Have you ever felt like an impossible brick wall has suddenly appeared in the middle of  the road on which you are travelling?    At these times, we are faced with two main options. We [...]

Christ Jesus our chief cornerstone

Christ Jesus our chief cornerstone    “My hope is built on nothing less  Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.  I dare not trust the sweetest frame  But wholly trust in Jesus’ Name”    These are the [...]

The never changing word

The never-changing word Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. - Hebrews 13:8 Change can be a good thing, those in Christ are all changing to be more like [...]

Be hearers and willing doers

Be hearers and willing doers I am inspired by the following quote today: “I used to ask God to help me. Then I asked if I might help Him. I [...]

God Bless You!

God Bless You! Have you noticed how all too often, we hear people use the words ‘God bless you’, without much thought to the God of the blessing. To bless [...]

Those in Christ can never be hopeless

Those in Christ can never be hopeless Today I want to remind you of a wonderful truth, that Christians can never be without hope. To have joy in the world [...]

God is always faithful!

God is always faithful! Faithfulness is a rare thing and it can warm the heart. You might find it in a partner, a friend or a dog. When you see [...]