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What’s the purpose? 

What’s the purpose?    We often ask this question after encountering difficult times, while wondering if there is a lesson to learn, or some other reason for the suffering. All [...]

New life

New life Everyone loves having new things and the miracle of new life is always exciting to us. New life in Christ is always miraculous. Therefore, if anyone is in [...]

How’s your Faithfulness?

How’s your Faithfulness? Faithfulness is an underrated quality these days. Perhaps it’s because it is no longer expected in society. We are expected to change our telephone and utility providers [...]

Keep going and keep sowing!

Keep going and keep sowing! Today, I believe God is encourages us to keep doing as He’s asked us to do and sow seed where He decides. The important thing [...]

Walking by faith

Walking by faith I’m sure most of us will experience times when we feel confused or conflicted as we do our best to live out a life of faith in [...]

God Bless You!

God Bless You! Have you noticed how all too often, we hear people use the words ‘God bless you’, without much thought to the God of the blessing. To bless [...]

God is always faithful!

God is always faithful! Faithfulness is a rare thing and it can warm the heart. You might find it in a partner, a friend or a dog. When you see [...]

Open the eyes of your heart

Open the eyes of your heart My prayer for us all today is that God continues to open the eyes of our heart. Therefore I also, after I heard of [...]