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Don’t give up, look up!

Don’t Give Up, Look Up!  Have you ever felt like an impossible brick wall has suddenly appeared in the middle of  the road on which you are travelling?    At these times, we are faced with two main options. We [...]

By the many or the few

By the many or the few We have a very great promise, that our God brings victory and saves, by the many or the few. Not because of our strength, [...]

Don’t fear the storms, trust the deliverer.

Don’t fear the storms, trust the deliverer. We all face storms in life, which come in many forms, physical illness, financial challenges, emotional issues or relationship breakdown etc. You may [...]

He made the stars also

“He made the stars also”. This very small statement was made to describe one of God’s activities on day 4 of creation. In many ways, the smallness of this statement shows [...]

Union & Communion

Union & Communion Our feelings of connection stem from the quality of our relationships with others. This is no less true for believers in Christ. I have many conversations with [...]

The gift of time

The gift of time The world in which we live can seem so very busy and time has become a precious commodity. It often appears that there is not enough [...]

New life

New life Everyone loves having new things and the miracle of new life is always exciting to us. New life in Christ is always miraculous. Therefore, if anyone is in [...]

Are we living a surrendered life?

Are we living a surrendered life? To surrender is normally associated with giving up the fight and allowing the opponent to take the victory. It also suggests there may have [...]

Avoiding temptation

Avoiding temptation We often feel that despite our best efforts, an outside force is compelling us to do the wrong thing. Jesus instruct us to pray that God leads us [...]

Your kingdom come

Your kingdom come Have you ever wondered why things don’t always work out as they should and why bad things happen to good people? We often find it difficult to [...]