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Be Victors Not Victims

Be Victors Not Victims   I am reminded today that we are not victims, but victors in Christ. This seems like such a simple exchange, but I am aware that we live [...]

What’s the purpose? 

What’s the purpose?    We often ask this question after encountering difficult times, while wondering if there is a lesson to learn, or some other reason for the suffering. All [...]

Empowered, not excluded!

Empowered, not excluded!    We all have times in our life, when we feel powerless to change and our own ability to organise and fix things gets us nowhere. It’s in these [...]

Take control of your thoughts

Our thought life appears to be constantly under attack, either in ways to bring us down, or to elevate us above others. Popular society seems to tell us we must ‘be […]

Don’t miss your suddenly moment

Don’t miss your suddenly moment When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. 2 And suddenly there came a sound from [...]

Building on firm foundations

Building on firm foundations To build any good and  lasting construction, you first have to start with good strong foundations. Very often, these are the unseen part of any building, [...]

The need for Holy Spirit power

The need for Holy Spirit power I feel stirred to remind us of our need for Holy Spirit power in our lives. Not only for the awesome gifts and fruit, [...]